About Us

We are a software development company specialising in asset management solutions. We work closely with our clients to develop systems which allow users to effectively manage their assets by making informed decisions and plan long term strategies.

At Asset Plan, we are dedicated to providing the best asset management solution for each client. We strive for excellence by focussing on how companies work, and develop process led solutions which are intuitive and simple to use, whilst at the same time generating the information needed in determining the correct strategy.

We come from different backgrounds. Database Designer, Application Development Manager, Client Analyst, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer are just some of the roles people in our team have had during their professional careers. We believe that good care for our clients can be achieved only when assembling together specialists in their respective fields with the desire of sharing their experiences for the success of a unique idea.

Our principal product, PONTIS, is an asset management solution for bridge and other highway structures which has been developed with the latest legislation specifically in mind.