Our Product

Our principal product, PONTIS, is a management solution for bridge and other highway structures which has been developed with the latest legislation specifically in mind (The Structures Asset Management Planning Toolkit) It allows teams to store asset information in a simple, logical way, from individual components, to user defined groups of structures to entire asset stocks.

Our secure web servers provide safe storage for structure information and associated files, as well as allowing access wherever you have an internet connection.

In addition to storing information, PONTIS can manage key asset holder functions such as Financial Planning, Prioritisation of Needs, Life Cycle Planning and Asset Valuation.

Key Features

  • Inspection Management - view which structures need inspecting, and the geographical search function enables users to select additional inspections close by. Reserve inspections and view from personalised user home pages. Track performance and compare to key performance indicators.
  • Asset Management Planning - assess the current and future needs of a stock of structures, enabling 'what-if' analyses to be performed. Choose between Budget Focussed analysis to determine the effects of certain levels of spend or Performance Focussed analysis to ascertain required budget.
  • Asset Valuation - automatically calculate the value of your assets, or group of assets to a depreciated replacement cost (DRC) valuation. Each time a structure is inspected, its value is automatically re-calculated and updated. The figures for DRC Valuation submission are ready in matter of seconds
  • Abnormal Load Management - Manage abnormal load movements across you network. Plot routes and automatically generate list of affected structures. Store vehicle data and analyse selected structures based on their restrictions.