Abnormal Load Features

Data Extraction

Extract lists of structures along a route

Simply click the start and end points of a route on the map, or enter the post codes and allow Pontis to instantly generate a list of all affected structures.

Click on any structure to see key information which may affect a decision, such as structure geometry, current condition, and assessed capacity.

Vehicle Database

Create abnormal load vehicles for future reference.

Store details of the vehicle and the haulier for future reference, and to quickly check any future movements involving the same vehicle.

Fast and simple search function to quickly identify historical movements, and view all movements crossing any particular structure.

Comparison Tools

Compare abnormal load effects with bridge capacity.

Tabular view: comparing maximum bending moments and shear forces generated from abnormal load vehicle with HA and HB load carrying capacity.

Graphical View: Compare bending moment and shear force envelopes for any span of any structure affected.