Data Management

For day to day use by the majority of users, the way data is captured, stored, and accessed is crucial. With PONTIS data input is intuitive and logical. Assign users access rights to allow or restrict access to view and/or alter critical information. Use data to organise day to day activities such as inspection schedules, work programmes, or abnormal load movement requests.

Inspection Management Features

  • Create schedules for general and principal inspections, or use the automated risk based approach to prioritise when the next inspection is due based on past condition and structure importance.
  • Search for due inspections by due date and geographical location, thus minimising travel between inspections.
  • Reserve inspections and schedules for individual users to manage staff workloads and monitor performance.
  • Remote capture of information from any mobile device with internet access.
  • Electronic approval process allows managers to review inspections before such things as BCI scores and valuations are automatically updated, and eradicates the need to print or store paper copies.
  • Principal Inspection Reports automatically generated from inspection form, saving staff time and creating uniform format.