Valuation and Life Cycle Planning

Pontis seamlessly links condition and valuation data, providing access to the latest financial information, updated instantly every time an inspection is approved. Its financial forecasting capability allows asset holders to determine the effect of different budget conditions on the long term valuation of their structure stock.

Asset Valuation

  • Automatic calculation of asset valuation (GRC valuation and DRC valuation) based on latest available condition scores
  • Compare the cost of maintenance works with increase in asset value to demonstrate value for money
  • Target works which offer best value in terms of increasing your stock valuation.
  • Create user defined groups to analyse data and prepare reports to suit your needs

Life Cycle Planning

Determine the most efficient long term strategy for managing an asset

  • Detailed Life Cycle Planning
    • Compare maintenance scenarios in terms of cost, condition and valuation over the life of the structure
    • Group structures and review combinations of strategies to create long term work schedules and identify maintenance spend
  • Automated Life Cycle Planning
    • Budget Focussed Analysis: Define your budget for a group of structures and determine the consequences on condition and valuation.
    • Condition Focussed Analysis: Define the desired condition for a group of structures and calculate the necessary budget profile to achieve this.